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some of the biggest names in the energy business are saying about the major issues facing the industry. >>> encouraging words about the u.s. economy today from ben bernanke. in his first public speech since stepping down as chairman of the federal reserve at the end of january, bernanke spoke at a financial conference in the united arab emirates, saying the outlook for the u.s. is positive compared to the rest of the industrialized world. he believes the u.s. economy will continue growing at a rate of around 3% this year. >>> president obama may be counting on that kind of growth or even more for the year ahead as he unveiled a proposed $3.9 trillion federal budget for the year 2015. fiscal year, that is. it focuses on ending tax breaks for the wealthy in order to pay for massive improvement projects for the nation's crumbling infrastructure. >> our budget is about choices. it's about our values. as a country we've got to make a decision if we're going to protect tax breaks for the we wealthiest americans or create jobs and grow our economy and expand opportunity for every american. >>
a good economy, things like energy, things like financials are a hedge against that frankly is health care. we think it is the cheapest offensive sector out there and particularly we like pharmaceuticals and specifically we like pfizer. >> and you also you mentioned just financials and bank of america is another one of your recommendations. tell us what's the appeal with bac. >> like a lot of things we're looking at this year, we're looking at valuations. we think it's going to be a good year for banks in general. and we think it will be a better year in terms of stock price for those banks that are cheaper than average going into the year. we think bank of america is cheaper. we think it's going to be a good year for banks in general. >> energy has been a little bit or orphaned hasn't it, eric? >> absolutely. last year was horrible for energy. a lot of negativity was priced into commodities in general but specifically energy stocks. we think it got overdone. and again, our overweight in energy really is a manifestation of the fact that we think we're going have a good economy that's
the energy situation. thank god, the weather is going to get warmer soon. he has those levers. he has an overwhelming military capability. there are many, many things, but particularly energy. but, you know, this has been bad for the russian economy. the value of their currency has fallen, the stock market is down. there is a negative reaction to this, too, that may effect putin's economy. and could i mention one other aspect of this is putin also sees -- here's this beautiful and large and magnificent country called ukraine. suppose ukraine, finally, after failing in 2004, gets it right, democracy, gets rid of corruption, economy is improving, and it's right there on the border of russia. so i think it makes him very nervous, if there were a success in ukraine in bringing about a free and open society and economic success, which is not the case in russia, as you know, which is propped up by energy. >> charlie: should we revisit the question of georgia and nato? >> yes. i really believe that we should sponsor the inclusion of georgia into nato. every few weeks the russians move the fe
economic leverage over ukraine because of the supply of energy. he has some influence in western europe, which still gets 25% of their energy from russia. so i think he's sitting there thinking that, in fact, he probably holds the better hand here for whatever negotiation is to come. >> charlie: do you believe he holds the better hand? >> frankly, based on what i'm hearing out of western europe and the reluctance of the europeans to embrace tough sanctions, i think, at least right now, i think he does. >> charlie: so if the europeans are not willing to go forward with tough sanctions, we're in a bad place. >> i think we are. >> charlie: you also have suggested some of your fellow republicans should tone down their rhetoric. >> well, this is a serious crisis that the west is facing, and, you know, when i -- i spent most of my life in the government at a time when, during immediate crises, people came together and were supportive of the president basically with the old line that politics stopped at the water's edge. i think people, right now while the president is trying to get the allies
and atmospheric administration, the department of energy, the environmental protection agency, the nuclear regulatory commission and the national institute of standards and technology. all said the same thing -- it's not their responsibility. >> one of our frustrations is our government hasn't taken this on as something we should sponsor in terms of our national interests. there is often a lot of finishing pointing going on and we hope in the long run we can make progress to find a home, as we call it. >> reporter: in the mean time, he is relying on foundation support and doing some crowd sourcing. >> all it takes is filling up one of these containers. >> reporter: he launched a web site and created these kits to make it easy for anyone to do some fieldwork. interested individuals and communities pay $550 for the fox, gather samples and ship them to woods hall for analysis. the data is shared online. so far donors have funded 33 sample sites. but how is the radiation affecting the creatures that live in the sea and ultimately the human beings who enjoy eating seafood? >> this one. at's ces
or powers or some kind of energy that has been impacting me throughout my entire life.
to direct opposition and energies into a non-violent controllable channel. that's how they were treated. that's not the case anymore. now they are outlawed. gunned down in the streets. tens of thousands of them have been jailed. and so that peaceful non-violent channel has been eliminated. >> rose: i assume radicalizing the moderates among them. >> that's a good question. i think it's too soon to tell. the actual members, the dues paying members who attend meetings and have really dug deeply in the ideology they're not likely to take autopsy arms. that's a small number of the people who voted for president morsi. when you're talking about radicalizing, i think you're talking about younger people who might have been attracted to the muslim brotherhood but maybe not become fully involved and who might now be attracted instead to these newer and more militant groups, which is really carrying the flag of militant insurgency in egypt right now. >> rose: what's their objective. >> they grew up, they were formed in the sinai initially with the aim of making trouble for israel. and since the
utility industry by building battery packs for energy storage. the stock rose about 14% today to $248. look at this chart over the past 14 months the stock is up 650%. >>> and even more good news for tesla. "consumer reports" says tesla's model s sedan was the best overall car, bar none. it scored a 99 out of 100 by the magazine's reviewers. the best auto brands, lexus was number one again follow by accura then out audi. toyota and subaru were tide for fourth place. jeep at the bottom of the list. >>> how investment capital is hoping to shake up the insurance industry. that's next. >>> more big job cuts coming to the nation's biggest bank, jp morgan chase now plans to eliminate 8,000 workers as businesses at its mortgage and retail banking divisions continues to shrink. that number is double the number of cuts that had been announced, and it comes on top of more than 16,000 layoffs that took place just last year. >>> finally tonight, venture capital getting into health insurance. in the second part of our series, insurance upstarts. bertha coombs takes a look at the story. >> reporter
, prompting comparisons from critics to the administration's 2010 energy loan program which saw the high profile default or solar panel maker solyndra. >> this is what happens when the government takes winners and losers with taxpayer money. >> reporter: at a house oversight committee hearing this month, democrats cried foul. >> as much as the majority would like to manufacture a scandal there simply isn't one. there is no smoking gun. this is no solyndra. >> reporter: then they walked out in protest, while republicans grilled the freelancers unions executive director about her group's dealings with the obama administration and about $340 million in loans used to launch health republic co-ops in oregon, new york and new jersey. >> we did everything we said we would do to help those co-ops launch successfully and to move them quickly to self-sufficiency. and it worked. the co-ops were sponsored -- i'm sorry. the co-ops we sponsored launched on time as independent entities. >> reporter: james martin chalks it up to politics. >> i know the number of attempts to derail the affordable care ac
ukraine'ukraine's loyalty throu. through cheap gas, cheap energy. >> rose: even though having nice little dances with its european union. >> right. and that drama is far from over. this very morning, russia decided, not by coincidence, to have some military exercises not far from the border of ukraine. >> rose: saying, "we're here." >> "we are here. take note. take note." we may be back here in two weeks or three weeks or something-- god forbid-- and i could be wrong, but i find it very hard to believe that russia would send troops into ukraine. toward what end would it be? i just coapt know. >> rose: first of all, it would bog him down. >> who are you fighting? what you fighting for. >> rose: exactly, and what do you get from it? >> and what do you get from it? russia, even while it's asserting itself on the world stage in sochi, and putin say master of his own almost-cartoonish self-confidence abe, that he was got a lot of problems. >> rose: doesn't it work in terms of russian psyche and the appeal of putin? >> i think we should not forget that the majority of the people i know in intel
of the nuclear reactors that were shut down after the fukushima disaster, almost three years ago. a draft energy policy, presented to the cabinet, made that recommendation today. the reactors would have to meet new standards set after a tsunami severely damaged the fukushima plant in march of 2011. all of japan's 48 commercial reactors have been off-line since then. one of the world's top exchanges for the digital currency bitcoin has gone off-line amid reports of catastrophic losses. the website for m.t. gox was blank today, and leaked documents showed losses roughly equal to $350 million. bitcoin trader kolin burgess, of britain, protested outside the exchange's headquarters in tokyo. >> i am both annoyed and worried. it seems that i have lost all of my money and i'm annoyed that the company has been stringing people along for so long, claiming everything has been okay. luckily, most people didn't believe them. >> woodruff: leading proponents of bitcoin argued the collapse of m.t. gox is an isolated case of mismanagement. combat jobs will soon open to women in the u.s. army, but only a few say
activity. they spend a lot more of their time, energy and money organizing politically and the a againa that they support, generally is quite liberal, very left wing, even though 40% of union households vote republican in presidential elections, 90% of the money from unions goes to the democratic party. so this is part of their problem. >> okay, so just in our last minute you can respond both to the political issues you brought up and also just the what do unions have to offer today to workers. >> well, they must suffer something because we have workers who went all over the country willing to risk their jobs and go out on strike, to strikeรง for wal-mart and at mcdonald's and at car washes because they wanted a union. and these workers were not, they were striking because they wanted better working conditions, because they wanted less arbitrary decisions by supervisors. they felt like the union is the way that they can get those things. and we had hundreds of strikes this year by workers, all over. they were -- and they wanted 15 dollars an hour. and the union, we have hundreds of tho
. if i say i'm going to be around energy that's not, that's going to make life seem fall into the life too short category, then you don't say yes. i didn't see this as a life too short category. i saw this as hopefully a way to get over a lot of fears that i had. and i did. and it was, you know, the sweetest time i've had in a very long time. i'll never have this experience again. i'll never have all these elements come together again. i know that and nor am i looking for it. but i want to fight for something that is different and challenging and ask the most of me. i thought i did that before but i realize never to this degree but doing it to this degree taught me a lot about myself that i had no idea existed. the person i went into this was not the person that came out the other end at all. >> rose: films are defined by the vision of a director. the next four nominees offer unique perspective on life. david o. russell's american hustle is a sweeping tale of two small town conartists. they're forced to help the f.b.i. and get entangled in a world of new jersey's mafia and political c
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24 (some duplicates have been removed)